LINKMANN INDUSTRIAL CO,. LTD., within concentrated operation of the dummy cameras, wireless doorbell, wired doorbell, audio door phone, alarm and more security products, is one of leading company in China. The company measured its success in terms of service and strives to be ranked with the leading performers among China’s companies. The company is proud of its origin as a main supplier of co-operative in security products field-a history that forged strong links with the security products makes community.

While building on these links, LINKMANN has diversified its business and geographical base. Today, LINKMANN has interests in process doorbell, wireless doorbell, wired doorbell, sensor doorbell, dummy camera and alarm also. We operate mainly in China and have significant export market. With a clear focus on creating value, LINKMANN is actively expanding its existing business and assessing new opportunities through China and the globe.

LINKMANN’s most important business area is distribution and export. Through these various function, we are working to provide the right products and services to customers at home and abroad. LINKMANN develops its services according to its customer’s requirements. The dense network of its agencies, branches and subsidiaries within dummy camera, doorbell, alarm and security products business activities has brought LINKMANN distribution closer to its customers. The shortening distances shorten it delivery times. By holding dedicated customer stocks in forecasts, its reaction time is reduced to a minimum.

To provide the right products to market has resulted in efficiency and performance gains. This has provided immediate benefits to the customers. Further into the service towards partnerships. Facilitated by the development of information technology through electronic data interchange real-time management of customers orders and stock, and the provision of exhaustive product information on the internet, LINKMANN distributions is developing special relations with customers, where there are benefits to both partners.
The development of the strong and united culture over the years is served by and organization of autonomous entities that recognized and promotes that entrepreneurial spirit; general subsidiary profit centers, headquarter for personal, hierarchy limited to two or three levels, precise, reactive, highly and rapidly lucrative objective management all feathers that must be used to measure the trust that companies give to the people of our workforce.
Diversifying operation methods, trades and nationalities, LINKMANN’s distributions, within the framework of flowcharts or development chats, in continually recruiting personal; talents, willingness to satisfy the customers, work and performance satisfactions are not the fruit of special training.
Our many years of expertise coupled with our modern network and experienced sales terms have granted us a leading quality grating manufacturer.
We enjoy the image of a very dynamic corporation. Whether the requirements call for standard panels or custom made that is “Delivered when promised” and “Made Perfect”, Better and Strong Grating is the choice of customers whose primary criteria are good quality and best service.
Our objective is to provide an attractive investment to our stockholders by earning a premium return on our total invested capital over the long term.
No.188, Shangbo Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China
Whatsapp/Wechat/Mobile: 86-15858916508
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